11 Jan, 2018 Viral

Oprah powerful speech on the Golden Globes #timesup

Oprah sure knows how to make us think and act, she is been inspiring women over the years.

11 Jan, 2018 Brands

Adidas "Meet the Creators" Ep: 4

Adidas launched their first Episode of "meet the creators" check the amazing video

11 Jan, 2018 Sneakers

The BVG and Adidas create an Iconic Sneaker inspired by the berlin's subway

The shoe also functions as year-long BVG ticket!

10 Jan, 2018 Sneakers
10 Jan, 2018 Brands

2 Things that we love that Nike did on 2017

In 2017 we've seen some innovations coming from Nike that we love!

5 Jan, 2018 Fashion

The best Runway Shows of 2017

A year of spectacle, re-branding and challenging coventions