DR. Mowa is starting this section with this super-easy recipe, because you will see that cooking a recipe for cosmetics does not require products that are impossible to find, she proposes a recipe with ingredients that you can reuse to feed yourself!

 Here is the anti-stain and lightening FACIAL MASK recipe Ingredients:


2 teaspoons of chickpea flour

1 teaspoon of Turmeric

2 teaspoons of cow's milk Mix the chickpea flour and turmeric first and then add the cow's milk.


Mix until you get a creamy texture that is neither too doughy nor too liquid.

Apply on the face with a brush. Leave until it starts to dry completely. Rinse with warm water massaging the face. The last rinse will be with cold water. And..tadam!


Skin smoothed like the skin of a baby guaranteed.

With a frequency of 1 mask a week in a month the effect on the stains of the face will be noticed, as for the most luminous complexion effect with the first mask you will immediately see the result!