I met Silvia Bianchi long time ago.

The first time I saw her must have been her coming to Gamba Sneakers store, one of the first only-sneakers stores in Madrid.


Just for that I know she is the real deal. I know she loves sneakers but she is not the kind of sneaker head that would collect and show off sneakers on social media.


She is a real user, a sneaker beater, not into hype but into what she really likes and feels good for her, an example to these days “foolishness”, if I may say…


I collaborated with her in different projects and I’ve been seeing some of her achievements.


This tireless woman organizes “Libros Mutantes” book fair, she is part of the design studio “Barriobajero”, she styles music videos, fashion shootings, she started to successfully Dj and now she is part of the Post Club collective, she is the editor in chief of Freeda in Spain (a communication platform for women) she was the co-founder of clothing brand Shallowww, she manages La Zowi’s booking business, she always around the coolest people and she makes an exceptional Verdure al forno… what else?



Name: Silvia Bianchi

Nationality: Italian I am Italian, I moved to Madrid when I was 23 and never went back.




I co-run a design studio called Barriobajero (Hood Rat is spanish) and I am part of the djs crew Post Club (Madrid).

During the last year I have played together with other amazing women and djs such Tash Lc, Venus X, Mobile Girl, ASMARA and Toxe among others.

I have DJ’d at ACE HOTEL (Los Angeles), Radio Raheem (Milan) and Club Marabú (Barcelona) and in my sets I mixes rap, reggaeton and hard dancehall.



1. What is your nicest memory of sneakers?

Adidas Superstar with red stripes, still remember the moment I got them. They were my favorite for a long while. Also the moment in which my dad came back from NYC with a pair of Air Force One “Valentine’s Day” edition.



2. Do you remember the model of your first pair?

Nike SB in red, I was 13.



3. What is your favorite model?

Reebok Classic Leather, always on.



4. Last pair you bought?

Nike SB.



5. Did you ever regret buying a pair? Which one?

Adidas Gazelle, I loved them but they hurt so bad.



6. Your most beat pair is...

Reebok Classic NPC



7. Adidas or Nike?

Adidas 15 to 25 Nike 25 to 30, then Reebok :)



8. What about mixing Adidas and Nike?

For me was more Adidas Adidas Adidas, then Nike Nike Nike, I am classic girl.



9. Best release of 2018?

New Balance MADE 990v4 “1982”




10. One shoe brand, no sneakers, that you love?




11. One song you are crazy about at the moment?

Sticky M.A.,Diablo.



12. What do you think of Urban Women’s Club?

I really believe is an amazing project! Is important to empower women in this field and I love the way in which this project find connections between sport, music, fashion… Now luckily there are way more women in these fields but there is still much work to do to make them visible.



13. How do you see women doing in the sneaker world these days? What do you think it could be improved?

I think there should be more male models available for girls, is a bit disappointing sometimes there is still all this differences between sneakers for girls and boys when gender is nowadays a fluid concept.




Thanks Silvia! And now… enjoy your listening!


Text and photos: Vanessa Castillejo