Interview Cassidy Edwards.

Name: Cassidy Edwards

Location: Houston, Texas


Short bio: Managing Editor for ladies sneaker platform CNK Daily.

I have been a sneaker lover for over 20 years and love finding ways to be creative while inspiring others through a passion for kicks.


1. When was the CNK platform founded and by who?

CNK Daily was created about 2.5 years ago by Channing Beumer who turned her love for sneakers into a community where diverse groups of women can vibe and empower each other.



2. How long have you been working for CNK?

I have been working for CNK for a little over year now.



3. How many people work and contribute for CNK?

Currently, we have our core team of 3 - Ticara is our Style Editor in Chicago.

Channing is the founder and based out of Dallas Texas. I am the Managing Editor based out of Houston Texas. We also have contributors in Los Angeles California and New York. Our newest members are our 3 summer interns.



4. What is CNK mission and how do you work to achieve it?

CNK Daily is a platform designed to be a voice that empowers, elevates, and serves women in what we call “SneakHER Culture”. We work to achieve this by engaging with our community of ladies through sneaker education, Chick Chats, SneakHER Girl Guides, and other creative ways to reach our audience.

We strive to show ladies that we are inclusive and we are reppin’ for the everyday woman by being authentic.





5. For the ladies into sneakers that don’t know CNK how would you describe it to them and why they should follow you?

CNK Daily is a great platform showcasing dope content centered around sneakers. We love to champion the next woman and find it important to highlight changes in sneaker culture that may impact the ladies.

Whether that be sneaker releases, cool interviews, the hottest styles or thought-provoking editorials - there is something for everyone.



6. When did you start loving sneakers?

What is your first memory on sneakers? I really began loving sneakers in middle school when I hung around a lot of the skateboarders.

They rocked Vans, Converse, DC, and I really felt like their shoes were so cool and such an integral part to what they loved to do (skateboard).

I remember asking my parents for Vans and they actually said yes! Vans is a silhouette that was always easy on the wallet so I didn’t have to beg too much for a pair.

This was obviously before I fell in love with Air Jordans in high school (LOL).




7. And the nicest one?

My favorite sneaker is an Air Jordan 1.

It is a classic shoe that holds a lot of childhood nostalgia because I watched Michael Jordan play basketball.

I believe that any colorway can make an Air Jordan 1 pop and they look great on ladies’ feet.

The Air Jordan 12 comes in a close second as a favorite also.



8. I know you have a son named Jordan, did you name him after Michael Jordan and the sneakers?

The funny part is …. I DID! I was so obsessed with the sneakers that I felt it was a given to name him Jordan. If he would have been a girl, I would have named her Jordan too. :)



9. Are you more into the new sneaker models or into the classics?

I have a love for classics. I believe they are special and that’s why they get retro’d over and over. Classic sneakers are more than just a shoe because they hold stories and take me back to my childhood - the good old days.




10. How important is it to you to stay on what’s new at the moment? And do you follow hypes?

Being an editor for sneaker site makes it very important to be educated on what’s new and what’s trending.

I really like checking out what’s on the horizon for all the brands as the competition heats up.

It’s also important to know what’s going on for the ladies and what sneakers I may want to add to my wish list.




11. How did the sneaker world changed in recent years to fit women’s need? Do you think it changed a lot?

I believe that the sneaker world is just beginning to really adjust to our (females) needs.

We are definitely getting more brand awareness, but more needs to happen. I love the Nike campaigns like “Force is Female” and what Jordan Brand has started with their women’s collection.

It lets me know that they are working behind the scenes to recognize us as consumers.

In recent years, brands are looking to find the female voice in marketing campaigns along with putting women in key positions at these companies.



12. In your opinion what are the things that could be and should be still improved?

Brands should continue to hire women in business (and creative) positions ... like designers etc. I would like to see brand representation improve along with the dope shoes available in our sizes.

Accessibility to great sneakers has not always been easy for the small feet tribe of sneaker lovers.



13. Do you think this change for the better has also a “dark side”? What are the things that you don’t like about it?

Overall, I think these changes are good, but where there are more exclusives for women there will always be debates and accessibility issues.

For example, when the Jordan Satin Shattered Backboard released... resellers ate them up quickly (along with guys too).



14. What are your thoughts on other platforms, like us, supporting and giving visibility to women inside the sneaker world? 

I love the fact that your brand along with others is striving to give recognition to ladies around the sneaker world.

It’s important to see a diverse mix of ladies from all over so that we can connect and learn from each other. Styles in the US are sometimes different from EURO places and I always like learning about style differences.

The more we have platforms to champion each other, the more we build a great community of female sneaker lovers. It’s not always about how many shoes you have, but the passion you have that ties us all together.

There are a lot of us out there and we genuinely need to support each other in real life, not just for social media.



15. Nike or Adidas?

I am definitely a Nike girl.



16. What about Nike and Adidas?

I have lots of respect for adidas because of the boldness they have been showing in their new silhouettes.

Nike has always produced grail sneakers for me and they just hold my heart. (LOL)





17. That model of sneakers that you keep getting, beating and getting again.

I buy quite a bit of Jordans, but my beaters that I wear quite often to run around in are my adidas Ultraboost.

Their comfort is on another level.



18. Favorite song at the moment.

I am really big into my 90s R&B, but if I had to pick a current song I’d say Drake’s “Nice for What”.

He uses a lot of Louisiana Bounce music samples in that song and down south we love some Bounce.



19. One conclusion:

Thank you so much for thinking of me for the interview!

It’s amazing to vibe with other women from around the world.

I think the current climate of sneakHER culture is evolving in a great direction and I can’t wait to see what’s next.