We met Lex Amor last year when she came to DJ next to singer Layfullstop on our first edition of Celebrate Women’s Sneaker Culture.

It was really great having her, she graced us with her super nice personality and awesome jams, one after the other.

The multitalented artist made a playlist for us and answers a few questions on our beloved sneakers.


Name: Lex Amor

Nationality: British Nigerian

Bio (what do you do? 3-4 lines): Artist, Producer, DJ


What have you been working on lately?

I’m currently working on a mixtape, so just finalizing the process for that - selecting the tracks I like and building my narrative.


What is your nicest memory of sneakers?

I remember my first pair of AF1’s , they were white and navy blue - I wore them to our non-uniform day at school and it was a complete shutdown!


Do you remember the model of your first pair?

Baby blue TN’s, they were my babies haha


What is your favorite model?

Air Max 98’s right now, the colour ways on the Adidas Yung 1’s are turning my head though.




Last pair you bought?

Bought some white AF1’s, the staple!


Did you ever regret buying a pair? Which one?

LOL never


Your most beaten pair is…

These Nike Monarchs, the older they are the more hypebeasty I feel haha they’re my guilty pleasure.


Adidas or Nike?



What about mixing Adidas and Nike?



Best release of 2018

I like the Yung 1’s and the Puma Thunders


One shoe brand, non sneaker, that you love

I’ve got a soft spot for Dr Martens


One song you are crazy about at the moment

Santi - Freaky, absolute jam!