An old abandoned factory, a girl alone in her fresh and clean style: Urban Women’s Club presents the editorial: “This girl from the Future” Featured Nike Sportswear Pack for woman.





Essential shapes, hi-tec fabrics, avanguardistic silhouette: this baby is just arriverd from the future.

In a place rich of contrasts, decadent and modern, she moves safely thanks to a functional streetwear in basics colors that remind the nature: camuflage, black, warm yellow, light grey.




Keeping the modernity and innovative approach of streetwear, the outfits are composed by  long bomber jackets, maxi tee, dress and skirt with zips, sweatshirt, snekaers all Nike Sportswear Pack for woman.





Always with a gender fluid approach, the style can be constructed and deconstructed, adapting to all the diverse environments and weather.





All clothes and shoes are availabe in STORES URBAN JUNGLE.





Photography: @sljphoto

Fashion: @iamvanessac

Models: @ana_cela

Hair & makeup: @afri_vonmechnik

Content: Manuela Palma